Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday 2/7/11 and Super 5k

AM 60 minute shakeout. Left hamstring not 100% but felt better as the run went along. 8 miles.

Sunday I raced in the Super 5k. Placed 8th overall in 17:21 (5;36 pace) and I was 4th master behind Titus Mutinda (17:03) Mike Cooney 17:11 and Joe O'Leary (17:14). Up front MQ took the win in a time of 16:13. He had a good battle with Jose Ortiz and won by 13 seconds.

At the first turn about 300 yards into the race I was already in 10th place and both legs were tight. I wasn't feeling sharp at all and this was probably attributed to the 7 miles already run in the hours leading up to the noon start. (4 @ 8am and 3 w/up). Or possibly from not running on Saturday. I hung in 10th until the only hill on the course which is just before the mile mark. I made a pretty strong move and passed Eric Beauschene and Joe Morasse and held this place the rest of the race. My split at 1 mile was 5:28.
I could see the race upfront developing and as I hit the halfway mark turning onto Pawtucket Blvd., MQ and the leaders were about 25 seconds ahead. I hit mile 2 in 11:04 (5:36) and was not losing much contact with the 3 top masters but wasn't gaining much either. Pawtucket Blvd is a long stretch and the headwind can be pretty strong in spots so you really have to hang in there or else its easy to fade. I was actually closing on Cooney and O'Leary as we made the last turn to the finish line but they closed well and I couldn't reel them in. My 3rd mile was 5:40 (16:45) and I ran the last 1/10th of a mile in 35 seconds.

Fairly decent effort but got a long way to go.

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