Monday, March 29, 2010


Mon 3/29/10 AM 8 miles in rain w/ Jim Quadros 58:30

Tues 3/30/10 AM 8 miles solo in rain hills of Derry 56:03 felt light and quick

Wed 3/31/10 AM 3.5 miles in 29:15 felt heavy and slow PM track workout @ NAHS
2.5 mile warmup 2 x 1000 (3:15) 800 (2:35) 600 (1:53) 400 (73) 400 rest in between interval and sets 2.5 mile cooldown did workout with JJ and two Merrimack College runners John D and P. Lawlor (Mickey Lawlors son) 12 total 15.5 for day warmup and cooldown included M. Pimentel and the Healy brothers

Thur 4/1/10 AM 59:27 on roads felt sore and tired early turned around at 31:30 and felt better at end of run covered about 7.75 miles

Fri 4/2/10 AM 66:22 out and back to Derry Rail trail 35 out/31 in felt okay 8.5 miles

Sat 4/3/10 PM 86:23 run solo on roads to Derry rail trail turned around at 44:30 (12.5 miles)

Sun 4/4/10 AM 53 minutes on Bianchi 10 min of 15/45 and 5 minutes 30/30 PM 35;31 on roads (4.5 miles)

65.75 miles for week 1 spin workout 1 track workout

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/22/10 - 3/28/10

Mon 3/22/10 AM 23 minute jog (2.5 miles) PM 62 minute shakeout (7.5 miles) 10

Tues 3/23/10 AM 39 minute run in rain (4.5 miles) very sore

Wed 3/24/10 AM 60 minute run very cold/windy (7.25 miles)

Thur 3/25/10 AM 75 minute run (10 miles) PM 28:46 run on river trail (3.5 miles)

Fri 3/26/10 AM 61:28 over the Derry Prep course out to mile 5 and back (8.5 miles) did 6 20 second strides w/ 40 seconds in between

Sat 3/27/10 AM easy 25 minute jog (3 miles) PM 39 minute run on river trails w/ MQ (5 miles) 8 for day

Sun 3/28/10 AM 1 hr 36 min run with Dan V at Bradley Palmer in Topsfield steady 13 miles

64.75 miles for week

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Bedford Half Marathon

I met up with JJ, Dan V and Bob Wiles at the river as JJ drove down to New Bedford for the 2nd installment of the 2010 NE-USATF Grand prix series, the New Bedford Half Marathon. Caught up with DV on the way down as he updated me on his recent AR age group record for 50k and also informed me he was running on a broken big toe courtesy of the river trails in Andover. Aside from that he was ready as usual to attack a race where he holds a sub 1:06 PR. JJ and Bob W appeared ready to race as well.
After finding the race headquarters and signing up it was time for a quick gathering of fellow CMS runners and we headed out for a 2 mile warmup. I was feeling good and really had no issues to speak of and felt ready to race. I chose to race in my Adidas Tempo's because one of my Loco Banditos was missing (probably in that garage I need to clean out). My goal as usual was to score for the masters team and try to PR. Since I had run 1:15:57 last year I set that as my goal time. I was not, however, going to hit the first mile in 5:17 like I did last year. 5:50 was the time I wanted and I wanted to run even so I had something in the tank for the final tough 5k.

The race was a bit disorganized (probably due to the record # of runners) so there was a delay of about 15 minutes which resulted in a slightly angry mob and a terrible announced start. But, no matter we were off and I was about 10 rows back and just started to run at 5:50 pace (with a slight bit of stiffnesss due to the long wait). I would say the conditions were perfect for racing and I felt good as we made our way to mile 1 which I hit in 5:46. I looked ahead and saw a bunch of familiar runners and just tried to stay at the same pace without making any sudden surge or unnecessary attack. My plan today was run even and try to catch people as they slowed down because this course is fast (early on) and can get you into trouble if you go out over your head. Mile 2 went by smoothly in 5:50 (11:36) as did mile 3 in 5:57 (slight hill) and I hit 3 miles in 17:33. I took water at every station as the temp's were rising as the race went on. My 4th mile was slow at 6:06 and I hit 4 miles in 23:39. I was a bit above my 5:50 pace goal but was content because no one was passing me and I was passing runner by runner and keeping contact with several runners in the near distance. I had my eye on Whirlaway runners and wanted to keep close to as many of my masters teammates as I could. At about mile 4 , Marc Leblanc (1:13:00) went flying by and he would be one of only 2 or 3 runners that would pass me the entire race. At this time I joined up with Paul Hammond of Whirlaway who was running hard (and coming back from surgery) and this is when I put a bit more focus on going a bit quicker because the course just rolls along and is quite agreeable to picking up the tempo. My 5th mile was 5:44 and it put me at 29:25 for 5 miles.
Mile six was 5:48 and I noticed John Barbour (1:16:34) , who always runs well, so I decided to try to hang with him as we hit mile 7 in 5:55, mile 8 in 5:48 and at about 8.5 he dropped me as I slowed a bit during mile 9 (6:09) but continued to pass runners who by now were feeling the heat and also the strong headwind to the 10 mile mark. I ran a 5:52 10th mile which put me at 59:00 (29:35 2nd 5). I was pretty pumped because I felt strong and told myself to stay tough for the last 5k. I ran another 5:51 for mile 11 (1:04:51) and knew mile 12 offered a long uphill but I was really fired up for it and felt great going up and ran the penultimate mile in 6:02 which put me at 1:10:53. I knew I wasn't going to PR but I was not bothered by it and just ran as hard as I could to the finish managing to run the final 1.1 in 6:38 to finish in 1:17:31. 3rd man for the masters as we managed 2nd overall. Huge run by Ernest Brake (1:16:53), who led the squad followed by Dan V (who ran a 2:39 marathon enroute to his AR for 50k 2 weeks ago) (1:17:10), nice efforts by Scott Clark (1:17:57), John Pajer (1:18:33), Rod Viens (1:22:15), Dave Harper (1:31:46) and Kevin Fallon (1:32:15).

JJ PR'd (1:10:07) as did Bob Wiles (1:10:51) to lead the men's team to a solid 3rd place.

Congrats to everyone for great races.

splits 546/550/557/606/544 (29:25)/548/555/548/609/552 (59:00)/551/602/638 (1.1)

1:17:31 5:54 pace 109 overall

Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15/10 - 3/21/10

Mon 3/15/10 Easy 48 minutes 6.25 miles

Tue 3/16/10 AM 64 minute run (8.5 miles) out and back to Derry 15 min ice bath

Wed 3/17/10 AM 65 minute run (8.5 miles) out to Derry Rail Trail

Thur 3/18/10 AM 64 minute run out to Weber Forest in Derry then up Drew Rd turned around at 32:30 (8.75 miles)

Fri 3/19/10 AM 60 minute run easy out and back on Derry prep course (7.5 miles)

Sat 3/20/10 AM 45 minute run easy (5.75 miles)

Sun 3/21/22 15 minute warmup (2.0 miles)/ New Bedford Half Marathon 1:17:31/ 14 minute warmdown (1.5 miles) 16.6 miles

61.85 miles for week

Monday, March 8, 2010

3/8/10 - 3/14/10

Mon 3/8/10 1 hr 10 min 30 second evening run (9.5 miles)

Tue 3/9/10 AM 32 minutes out to Drew Rd turned around and did 2 sets of 3 x 90 seconds at 5:40-5:45 pace with 30 seconds rest in between each interval and 60 seconds between each set. Back in 25:00. 57 total minutes running (8.5 miles) For good measure, about one mile from finishing after a 4 minute rest from the workout, I timed a measured quarter mile and hit 76 seconds.
PM Weight training unloading RDM

Wed 3/10/10 AM 1:02:26 run (8.25) 34 minutes out to Derry Rail via Island Pond
back in 28:26 sore early but felt strong at end.

Thur 3/11/10 1:18:24 out and back to Drew Rd plus additional running through trails of Weber Forest. I am calling this 11 as I finished well under 7:00 pace and felt strong throughout the run. Finished up with six 20 second strides w/ 40 seconds in between.
PM Weight training unloading World Imports and Corsicana bedding.

Fri 3/12/10 AM Covered 7 miles in 52:44 searching for every blade of grass and patch of sand.

Sat 3/13/10 AM 1:03:29 with MQ from DV's house 1st 43:00 w/ DV and DD. Bradford Country Club front 9 plus. (8.5 miles)

Sun 3/14/10 AM 58:39 in hard rain and wind out and back to Derry Rail (8.0 miles)
finished last 1.5 miles w/ 3 x 20/40 feeling really good and ran measured 1/4 in 78 seconds while going through a puddle that reminded me of the Boston Tea Party at Canobie Lake Park. Best week of training all year.

60.75 miles for week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week ending 3/7/10

Mon 3/1/10 50 minute spin on Bianchi

Tue 3/2/10 70 minute run on Derry Prep (9.5)

Wed 3/3/10 AM 25 minute spin on Bianchi PM 41:30 spin on Bianchi

Thur 3/4/10 68 minute run into Derry covered miles 4-7 on Prep course (9.0)

Fri 3/5/10 8 mile run in 57:25 after 1st 30 minutes did 5 x 2:00 at 5:45 pace w/ 2:00 rest

Sat 3/6/10 AM 1:01:30 out and back to Derry Rail trail via Gulf and Island Pond (8)
PM 35:30 easy run (4.5)

Sun 3/7/10 40 minute easy run (5.5)

44.5 miles 6 runs 5 days 2 days on bike

Monday, March 1, 2010

DH Jones 10 mile (USATF-NE Championships)

After a stressful couple of weeks, the Q household got back to normal and I got the green light to race the first Grand Prix race of 2010. With Double J driving out to Amherst (thanks, JJ) along with brother MQ we enjoyed the ride and met up with the CMS family at race headquarters. Last year the Jones 10 was a master's PR performance so I had good course knowledge and positive memories to help out with race strategy. The plan was to try to break 58 minutes (5:48) and see if I could help score for the team. I knew going in to the race that I was not 100 % mentally and was a bit physically drained but whenever you arrive at one of these races, the atmosphere allows you to gather some extra special reserve and the competitiveness within you is easily tapped.
All the best runners were in attendance and the weather was perfect (for Feb 28th) so no more excuses to not race hard. At the gun, the lead pack raced away as I tried to not get too caught up and held back to hit the mile in about 5:40. I actually passed Dan V (DV) as he was racing "conservatively" early and was aiming to hit 57:30 or better. The 2nd mile is quick and is difficult to hold back with all the downhill. DV passed me for good on the 1st big downhill but I kept close contact with him until mile 5. I hit mile 2 in about 11:00 and felt okay and actually looked forward to the next 3 miles of challenging uphill and dirt road. My split at mile 3 was 17:00 so I was on target for 58:00 and I was having no real problems and I was in contact with several runners who have always beaten me so I was encouraged to be in the position I was at this point in the race. Mile 4 was a bit of a grind (missed split) and I was starting to feel the effort around midway (29:30).
At about mile 6 (or some downhill around that point) is when I discovered the tank was near empty as Reno Stirrrat, Jason Porter and Mark Hudson (all Whirlaway) screamed by me like I was standing still and I had no response in me. I tried to maintain contact but was having no success and was beginning to become concerned about breaking an hour. The only consolation was that the final 5 miles of this race is (in my opinion) quicker than the first 5. At mile 6-7 I came upon and passed teammate Kevin Tilton who was struggling with side stitch issues. I thought it might of been ankle issues so I told him to save it for a later race. I was wrong because by the time I got to mile 8 and was battling Greater Boston's Ray Davie, Kevin flew up the hill by us and was running strong. He put on over a minute over the final 2 uphill miles on me and all I could think of was what Mount Washington would be like come June. I really tried hard to bring it in as fast as I could to the finish but was not having much success as runners came up and passed me one by one. In the final stretch I got outkicked by another Whirlaway runner, Mike Platt. Exhausted at the finish I hit the line in 58:52 (34 seconds slower than last year).

Last 2 weeks (2/15-2/28/10) and Feb totals

For the few that follow this blog, by now you have come to realize that I blog on a limited basis. Family and other life issues (which we all have) take priority and blogging (which equals running) becomes a secondary matter. With that being said, here is a quick summary, without explanation, of my past two weeks of training.

2/15 no run
2/16 7 miles 55 minutes
2/17 10 miles 80 minutes of running 5 x 440 uphill in snow wearing Yaktracks 90 seconds 3 minute rest between each followed by 5 x 220 in 43 (uphill/Yaktracks) 90 rest
2/18 no run
2/19 no run
2/20 12 miles 1:30:00
2/21 8.5 miles 1:04:30

week total 37.5 miles 4 days

After this week, I was considering not racing at DH Jones but things got back to normal and this allowed for better training for 2/22-2/27 so I entered DH Jones but still felt like I took a few steps back.

2/22 9 miles 1:08:00
2/23 5 miles 32:30
2/24 8.5 miles 1:01:17
2/25 9 miles 1:03:00
2/26 3.5 miles 30:00
2/27 8 miles w/ MQ in snow 1:02:00
2/28 3 warmup/ 10 mile race 58:52 / 3 mile warmdown

59 total miles for week 7 days / 1 race

Total miles for February 195.6 24:35:00