Monday, March 8, 2010

3/8/10 - 3/14/10

Mon 3/8/10 1 hr 10 min 30 second evening run (9.5 miles)

Tue 3/9/10 AM 32 minutes out to Drew Rd turned around and did 2 sets of 3 x 90 seconds at 5:40-5:45 pace with 30 seconds rest in between each interval and 60 seconds between each set. Back in 25:00. 57 total minutes running (8.5 miles) For good measure, about one mile from finishing after a 4 minute rest from the workout, I timed a measured quarter mile and hit 76 seconds.
PM Weight training unloading RDM

Wed 3/10/10 AM 1:02:26 run (8.25) 34 minutes out to Derry Rail via Island Pond
back in 28:26 sore early but felt strong at end.

Thur 3/11/10 1:18:24 out and back to Drew Rd plus additional running through trails of Weber Forest. I am calling this 11 as I finished well under 7:00 pace and felt strong throughout the run. Finished up with six 20 second strides w/ 40 seconds in between.
PM Weight training unloading World Imports and Corsicana bedding.

Fri 3/12/10 AM Covered 7 miles in 52:44 searching for every blade of grass and patch of sand.

Sat 3/13/10 AM 1:03:29 with MQ from DV's house 1st 43:00 w/ DV and DD. Bradford Country Club front 9 plus. (8.5 miles)

Sun 3/14/10 AM 58:39 in hard rain and wind out and back to Derry Rail (8.0 miles)
finished last 1.5 miles w/ 3 x 20/40 feeling really good and ran measured 1/4 in 78 seconds while going through a puddle that reminded me of the Boston Tea Party at Canobie Lake Park. Best week of training all year.

60.75 miles for week.

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