Monday, May 31, 2010

5/31/10 - 6/6/10

Mon 5/31/10 AM River 10 with MQ, DD, DV and Mark B. Solid run on the trails. Beautiful morning to run. Legs felt good even better as pace quickened. I think there is a correlation between letting the legs go and having them feel good. Blinded me with scientific evidence. 79:38

Tues 6/1/10 Easy 65 minute run

Wed 6/2/10 AM 6.5 miles in 50:00 PM 41 minute spin on Bianchi 10 min w/up w/ 10 min hard every minute w/ 30 second rest next 10 min 2 min hard 1 min rest then 3 x 3:00 hard 1 min rest

Thur 6/3/10 AM 63 (in honor of my birthday) minute run very easy

Fri 6/4/10 AM 50 min run

Sat 6/5/10 AM 55 min spin on Bianchi

Sun 6/6/10 AM 18 minute warmup w/ Tivo and DV (2.25 miles)/5k race in 17:05 (519/536/535/35)/ no warmdown watched JQ & GQ race on Lincoln track...going to try to spin tonight before C's game PM 40 minute hard spin on Bianchi entirely in big ring and concentrating on out of saddle for 30-45 seconds simulating a hard climb but in the big ring you force yourself to create more of a tempo did probable 20 of these

Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/10 - 5/30/10

Mon 5/24/10 AM Easy hour run. 7.5 miles

Tues 5/25/10 AM Easy 2.5 miles barely moving still very sore from 12k PM 67:30 easy run 8 miles still very sore and slow going to take an ice bath

Wed 5/26/10 AM 67 easy steady slow minutes it is slowly coming back 8.5 miles

Thur 5/27/10 PM Easy 7 miles

Fri 5/28/10 0 no run

Sat 5/29/10 0 no run

Sun 5/30/10 AM Easy 8.5 in 70 minutes PM steady 60 minutes on Bianchi felt strong and incorporating some quick spinning

34 miles for week with 2 days off needed the rest after the 12k as my legs were really bothering me (hips mostly) The spinning on Sunday night was helpful also so I think I might get back to it to help with my turnover. Hopefully I will be racing the 5k at Rhody next Sunday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedford (NH) Rotary 12k NE-USATF Championship

Saturday morning, MQ and I headed up to Bedford, NH to participate in the 3rd leg of the NE-USATF Grand Prix series. This was the 36th annual 12k race sponsored by the Rotary Club and marked the first time for MQ and I to race in both this event and first time to race in a 12k road race. We arrived nice and early and were able to register and meet up with all the CMS team members for a 2.5 mile warmup. I hung back and caught up with Jim Pawlicki. Everyone seemed loose and ready to race. The conditions were perfect with blue skies, no high heat and no wind. We warmed up over the last 2 miles of the race which would help later on because my course knowledge was not in my favor today. I had asked Dave Dunham earlier in the week what to expect and he said "go out easy and run it like a 10k and hang on for the final 2k." Words to live by. But anyone who knows me I tend to run on how I feel. If I feel good I don't want to hold back.

Minutes before the start, Craig Fram (Whirlaway) jumped onto the starting line and placed himself right next to me as the official starter was telling slower runners to get to the back of the pack. Craig said that was like asking a women if she is fat and we all got a chuckle right before the gun went off. I got out great. No doubt I was born to be a sprinter. I was in the lead for the first 100 yards and felt awesome. I was glad I had run fewer miles during the week and did not do a track/interval workout midweek. I felt tremendous. I only wish I had trained like this 15 years ago but that is another story. I knew I was going out hard against DD's suggestion, but I did not care. I feel that when the time to slow down comes my body will tell me. I was slowly swarmed up by about 29 of the faster runners. I determined this number by looking at the results because I was passed by everyone from 30th place to 44th where I finished. At the mile, I was probably in 20th place as I hit it in 5:09. Normally I would be very concerned but today I did not care and just tried to relax and maintain. Soon, I was joined by Scott Anderson(Whirlaway) and Fram and several othe runners (John Healy - Adidas GTD). I put in a surge (stupid but what can I say) and got ahead of the pack and had visions of getting up to the group ahead of me. I was thinking more like a 5k today. My plan was 1730/1730/630 but that was out the window. Soon after my surge, Fram passed me for good but I was always in sight of him and Anderson and their new teammate, Henry Scollard (formarly Cambridge Running Club). I hit 3 miles (missed 2) in 16:00. I knew I was running hard and possibly over my head but this is what I know from years ago. I run better when I run aggressive. Not too many runners passed me after 3 and before mile 5 and I maintained contact with Scollard the entire way. I hit mile 5 in 27:25 which would be a masters PR if en route's were allowed. I was hanging on but knew the final 2 miles from the warmup and just tried to relax. I kept thinking of all the work I had done and knew I was in good shape to be able finish as strong. I hit mile 6 in 33:04 and was slowing down but not loosing ground to Scollard, Several runners (Wayne Levy- BAA - who would win the masters division in 41:01, Whirlaway's Mike Cooney, Vermont's Norm Larson (50 older division), Chad Carr (Cambridge SU), Matt Germain (SISU), Dan Navarolli (CMS) , Ryan Place (GBTC), passed me over the final 2.4 miles so I knew I was paying for my aggressiveness but I did not care for I knew I was on for a good run. I hit mile 7 in 38:52 having run the mile in 5:48. I mananged to finish the final .44 miles in 2:34 for a final time of 41:27.

Up front teammate Justin Fyffe set a new course record and smoked the field as he led the men to a championship over BAA. Bob Wiles, Andy M., KG and MQ all raced well and scored for the victory.

Above photo taken by Ted Tyler. Matt Germain (left) and I entering track for final 1/4 mile.

Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/10 - 5/23/10

Mon 5/17/10 AM 3.5 miles in 24:44 PM 4 miles w/ MQ on river trail 28:53

Tues 5/18/10 AM 5 miles in 40:00 included several pickups

Wed 5/19/10 AM 8 miles in 1:02:35 easy 1.5 then 5 @720 pace then 1.5 easy

Thur 5/20/10 AM 5.75 miles in 47:30 very easy

Fri 5/21/10 AM 6 miles in 44:51

Sat 5/22/10 AM 2.75 mile warmup (including 1 lap on track with 110 yd strides(2))/ 12k race in 41:27/ 2.25 mile warmdown race report to follow

Sun 5/23/10 AM 5 miles in 39:40 with DD & MQ Winni Kinni

Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/10 - 5/16/10

Mon 5/10/10 AM 3 mile PM 2 miles w/ MQ before 10 mile river trail run w/ MQ and JJ
15 mile total

Tues 5/11/10 AM 5 miles in 38:42

Wed 5/12/10 AM 3 mile warmup/10 X .25 @ 80-83(slight uphill) with full .25 recovery/ 2 mile warmdown
Information from the Garmin:
#1 82 sec max speed 13.0 mph
#2 82 sec max speed 13.2 mph
# 3 83 sec max speed 12.2 mph
#4 82 sec max speed 12.4 mph
#5 82 sec max speed 13.3 mph
#6 82 sec max speed 12.2 mph
#7 81 sec max speed 12.9 mph
#8 81 sec max speed 12.9 mph
#9 80 sec max speed 12.6 mph
#10 80 sec max speed 12.8 mph

10 mile total

Thur 5/13/10 AM 5 miles in 38:06 PM 5.2 miles in 38:45

Fri 5/14/10 AM 4.5 miles very easy

Sat 5/15/10 AM 8 miles followed by ice bath

Sun 5/16/10 AM 14 miles.

66.7 miles for week.

Monday, May 3, 2010

March and April totals

Just a quick post to share my mileage for March (ran 29/31 days for 271 miles). April was 26/30 days for 256 miles.

5/3/10 - 5/9/10 *

Mon 5/3/10 AM 9.0 miles w/ Jim Q. (1:11:14)

Tues 5/4/10 AM Easy 6.0 miles in 47:00

Wed 5/5/10 AM 4.5 mile warmup (7:30 pace)/ 4 x .50 mile uphill 3:09/3:05/3:02/3:04 with 3:15 recovery (downhill)/ 2.0 mile warmdown 8:30 pace (10.5 mile total)

Thur 5/6/10 AM 7.6 miles in 59:34

Fri 5/7/10 AM 4.5 mile warmup 3 x 1.0 mile (roads) 5:40/5:38/5:29 with 3:00 jog in between .33 mile/ 2.5 mile warmdown 11.0 mile total

Sat 5/8/10 AM Easy 4 mile run in rain

Sun 5/9/10 9.2 easy miles evening run

61 miles for week

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dover Footbridge 5k

Saturday morning I travelled over to Dover NH for the Dover Footbridge 5k. It represents race #1 for the NH Seacoast Series and I knew there was going o be a good field there so I wanted to see what I could run on this course. I met up with Bob Wiles, Jim Johnson, and Chris Mahoney as well as Heather Anne Searles for a run over the course and soon realized it was not a course suitable for super fast times as the firt mile is uphill and then the 2nd mile has a few bumps as well although it features a lengthy downhill. The 3rd mile is rolling and takes you over the footbridge to the finish line. As we warmed up, I began to think that the increasing temps might play a role, too. Honestly, after the warmup, I felt like going home. Not good news. I had very little in me today but did manage to gather myself and made my way to the starting line.

I was focused on Dan Verrington (CMS teammate) as he always runs well and I figured he was the top master runner in the race. Neither one of us got out great but he got out a little quicker than me as he hit the mile in 5:22 and I arrived in 5:29. This was pretty much the difference the entire race save for a few more ticks at the end. Dan ran 16:54 and I ran 17:09. My splits were fairly even (529/533/532/33) but I couldn't switch gears. My plan is to keep putting on the miles and try a couple of workouts but no racing until the Bedford 12k.