Monday, May 31, 2010

5/31/10 - 6/6/10

Mon 5/31/10 AM River 10 with MQ, DD, DV and Mark B. Solid run on the trails. Beautiful morning to run. Legs felt good even better as pace quickened. I think there is a correlation between letting the legs go and having them feel good. Blinded me with scientific evidence. 79:38

Tues 6/1/10 Easy 65 minute run

Wed 6/2/10 AM 6.5 miles in 50:00 PM 41 minute spin on Bianchi 10 min w/up w/ 10 min hard every minute w/ 30 second rest next 10 min 2 min hard 1 min rest then 3 x 3:00 hard 1 min rest

Thur 6/3/10 AM 63 (in honor of my birthday) minute run very easy

Fri 6/4/10 AM 50 min run

Sat 6/5/10 AM 55 min spin on Bianchi

Sun 6/6/10 AM 18 minute warmup w/ Tivo and DV (2.25 miles)/5k race in 17:05 (519/536/535/35)/ no warmdown watched JQ & GQ race on Lincoln track...going to try to spin tonight before C's game PM 40 minute hard spin on Bianchi entirely in big ring and concentrating on out of saddle for 30-45 seconds simulating a hard climb but in the big ring you force yourself to create more of a tempo did probable 20 of these

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