Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/10 - 5/30/10

Mon 5/24/10 AM Easy hour run. 7.5 miles

Tues 5/25/10 AM Easy 2.5 miles barely moving still very sore from 12k PM 67:30 easy run 8 miles still very sore and slow going to take an ice bath

Wed 5/26/10 AM 67 easy steady slow minutes it is slowly coming back 8.5 miles

Thur 5/27/10 PM Easy 7 miles

Fri 5/28/10 0 no run

Sat 5/29/10 0 no run

Sun 5/30/10 AM Easy 8.5 in 70 minutes PM steady 60 minutes on Bianchi felt strong and incorporating some quick spinning

34 miles for week with 2 days off needed the rest after the 12k as my legs were really bothering me (hips mostly) The spinning on Sunday night was helpful also so I think I might get back to it to help with my turnover. Hopefully I will be racing the 5k at Rhody next Sunday.

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