Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week ending 9/25/11

Mon 9/19/11 am 1hr 33 minutes (12 miles) out to Prep 3 mile mark (ran the route backwards from 7 mile mark) plus a little more turning around after 48 minutes and coming back in 45 minutes. Feeling strong but not much turnover with the 10k yesterday. No issues after race.

Tues 9/20/11 am 1 hr 12 minute run (9.5 miles) Goodhue to Rte. 28 ran to Animal Hospital (libbey Rd) and back and added 2 more miles to make it 9.5. I used to think the out and back was 8 miles but it is closer to 7.5 because I made it out to the animal hospital in 29 minutes and there is a lot of climbing as you run up Goodhue.

Wed 9/21/11 pm 1 hr 18 min 30 seconds very slow and easy 10 miles ran out to Drew Road on Prep course past Smokey the Bear until 40 minutes then ran back

Thur 9/22/11 Steady effort with JJ in the Windham Town Forest. Run time was 70 minutes. Solid 9 miles.

Fri 9/23/11 and Sat 9/24/11 busy no workouts.

Sun 9/25/11 1:42:44 solo out 7 miles over the prep course (54:00) back in 48:44. Hilly going out and took advantage of downhill to make it a quasi-tempo effort. 35:07 to Smokey (Derry FD/10mile mark) 18:53 to 7 mile mark of actual run 16:51 back to Smokey then 31:52 in. 14 miles. 54 miles in 5 days 2 days off...need to increase mileage and increase intensity.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lone Gull 10k

Sunday morning was the 5th and final Lone Gull 10k road race. I last raced here in 2009 when it was a Grand Prix. Dave Dunham, Dan Verrington and myself drove together as DD managed to get us lost but we did get there in plenty of time to get our numbers and get in a 3.5 mile warmup. We warmed up with Joe Donnelly (Whirlaway) and did an out and back to a bit beyond mile 1 and found out that we would have a tailwind going out and have to battle the wind coming home to the finish. I was feeling good and anxious to race. I decided to race in the Saucony (model unknown) racing flats that I bought at the tent sale for $15. They are really light and reminiscent of the original Nike waffle racers and probably are more appropriate for a 5k or short xc/track race but I knew I could handle them over a rolling 10k road course.

As the gun went off, I got out good and settled in to what felt like 5:30 pace. Eventual winner, Brendan Bonner (GBTC) went out very fast and no one bothered to chase him. He went onto a convincing 32:30 victory. The first mile for me felt easy and relaxed as I ran side by side with DD just a few steps behind Dan and Joe. We hit the mile in 5:31. That was right where I wanted to be. As we rolled along the course, cutting all tangents nothing much happened except DD pulled away right before mile 2 and I was content to stay on pace but wished I had a bit more fight to go with him. My split at 2 was 11:02 (another 5:31). The 3rd mile I focused on the trio ahead of me and tried to maintain contact hoping I could reel them back in on the return trip to the finish. I hit mile 3 in 16:33 (another 5:31) and wasn't closing on them and Joe was actually pulling away from Dan. Dave was clinging to Dan and seemed to be running very strong. My split at 5k was 17:11 and I still had hopes of my race goal of 34:30. I wasn't laboring and my legs felt decent but were lacking the speed to change to that gear to get up to Dan and Dave.

As we made our way home the wind was evident but not the type that throws you back. I leaned into it and just tried to chase down Dan and Dave. My split at mile 4 was 22:21 (5:47). I lost about 5 seconds to Dave and noticed he was closing on Dan (who race a 10 mile trail race on Saturday). I still was trying to reel them in and felt like I was going 100%. My 5 mile split was 28:06 (5:45) and I was not closing but I ran another 5:45 to hit mile 6 in 33:51. I was now just trying to get in as fast as possible to get in under 35 minutes. I ran the final .2 in 1:08 to cross the line in 35:00 and established a new master's PR. I finished 9th overall and was 5TH in the 40-49 age category. Dave finished in 34:41 overtaking Dan on the climb at mile 6 and Dan ran a fine 34:48. The three of us took 2nd in the overall team competition behind GBTC and we won the master's race.

Notes: Thanks to Wes Lassen owner of New England Running Company for the race entry and for putting on a fine race. Hopefully someone will take the race over and make a Grand Prix bid next year. My time here in 2009 was 35:19 so I am in pretty good shape. Yesterday's effort felt solid and very in control as compared to 2009 when I was redlining the final mile and was on the ground in the chute at the line.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week ending 9/18/11

Mon 9/12/11 late am 62 easy and steady minutes (8 miles) out in 32 back in 30....right ankle a bit funky after yesterday's 27 miler, I think it was the rolling speed bumps that did it. When I was playing wiffle ball I couldn't move to field the ball tonight but as I type everything is fine.

Tues 9/13/11 am 30 very slow minutes to warmup (3.5 miles) 8 x 400 (measured .25 Garmin) uphill for first half 86/86/84/84/85/84/82/82 full 400 recovery (4.0 miles) 23 minute warmdown (2.5 miles) 10 miles

Wed 9/14/11 noon 67:46 steady effort (9 miles)

Thur 9/15/11 late pm 64:06 finished up in light rain..(8.5 miles)

Fri 9/16/11 pm River 10 miles with Jim Johnson. 79 minutes.

Sat 9/17/11 wanted to get out but never did (0 miles)

Sun 9/18/11 am 3.5 mile warmup before 10k (lone gull 10k)/ 1/2 mile jog to start / 10 k (35:00) 9th OA 5th master PR as a master splits 531/1102 (531)/ 1633 (531)/ 5k in 17:11 / 22:21 (548)/ 2806 (545)/ 3351 (545)/ 35:00 (1:08)/ 3 mile warmdown 13 miles 58 miles for the week in 6 days

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week ending 9/11/11

Mon 9/5/11 easy day. very light jogging around the neighborhood as Julian rode his bike with me. 3 miles.
one hour wiffle ball with Julian...he has such a natural swing and can really run the bases

Tues 9/6/11 am 74 minutes steady running beautiful cool morning. 10 miles.

Wed 9/7/11 pm 52:15 run in the rain...refreshing 7 miles

Thur 9/8/11 pm steady 70 minutes ran out to and intoWeber Forest felt pretty good but 10 hr 3rd shifts making training a bit different (9.0 miles)

Fri 9/9/11 am very easy 68:04 same course as yesterday muggy (9.0 miles) pm 54 minutes with Jim J. Spickett Hill. (7 miles)

Sat 9/10/11 no run worked from 7am - 6pm helping a family move. 0 miles.

Sun 9/11/11 27.4 miles with JJ. Longest run of my life as we ran from Salem NH rail trail to Manchester NH touching the fence on the southern perimeter of the airport and back. JJ has all the details on his blog. 72 miles for the week. 6 days/1 easy day.