Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week ending 9/11/11

Mon 9/5/11 easy day. very light jogging around the neighborhood as Julian rode his bike with me. 3 miles.
one hour wiffle ball with Julian...he has such a natural swing and can really run the bases

Tues 9/6/11 am 74 minutes steady running beautiful cool morning. 10 miles.

Wed 9/7/11 pm 52:15 run in the rain...refreshing 7 miles

Thur 9/8/11 pm steady 70 minutes ran out to and intoWeber Forest felt pretty good but 10 hr 3rd shifts making training a bit different (9.0 miles)

Fri 9/9/11 am very easy 68:04 same course as yesterday muggy (9.0 miles) pm 54 minutes with Jim J. Spickett Hill. (7 miles)

Sat 9/10/11 no run worked from 7am - 6pm helping a family move. 0 miles.

Sun 9/11/11 27.4 miles with JJ. Longest run of my life as we ran from Salem NH rail trail to Manchester NH touching the fence on the southern perimeter of the airport and back. JJ has all the details on his blog. 72 miles for the week. 6 days/1 easy day.

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