Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week ending 9/25/11

Mon 9/19/11 am 1hr 33 minutes (12 miles) out to Prep 3 mile mark (ran the route backwards from 7 mile mark) plus a little more turning around after 48 minutes and coming back in 45 minutes. Feeling strong but not much turnover with the 10k yesterday. No issues after race.

Tues 9/20/11 am 1 hr 12 minute run (9.5 miles) Goodhue to Rte. 28 ran to Animal Hospital (libbey Rd) and back and added 2 more miles to make it 9.5. I used to think the out and back was 8 miles but it is closer to 7.5 because I made it out to the animal hospital in 29 minutes and there is a lot of climbing as you run up Goodhue.

Wed 9/21/11 pm 1 hr 18 min 30 seconds very slow and easy 10 miles ran out to Drew Road on Prep course past Smokey the Bear until 40 minutes then ran back

Thur 9/22/11 Steady effort with JJ in the Windham Town Forest. Run time was 70 minutes. Solid 9 miles.

Fri 9/23/11 and Sat 9/24/11 busy no workouts.

Sun 9/25/11 1:42:44 solo out 7 miles over the prep course (54:00) back in 48:44. Hilly going out and took advantage of downhill to make it a quasi-tempo effort. 35:07 to Smokey (Derry FD/10mile mark) 18:53 to 7 mile mark of actual run 16:51 back to Smokey then 31:52 in. 14 miles. 54 miles in 5 days 2 days off...need to increase mileage and increase intensity.

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