Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Triple workout and a rant

Today, I couldn't hook up with DD for a 4:30 AM water run so I headed out for a 30 minute road run at 6:45 AM. Then at 12:00 PM I went for another 30 minute grass run at the Lawrence reservoir. After dinner I got on the bike and spun hard for 42 minutes reaching well above 120 rpm on many occasions. Tomorrow morning I plan on an early water run and more grass running.

Just a thought... I find it very funny when runners say they are going to use a race as a workout. What are all the workouts for if you go to a race and consider the effort equal to another workout? Too many runners, in my humble opinion, choose to define a race as another workout. I wish for once, I could hear a runner say I am going to my next race and try to kick ass. It is time to bring back old school mentality to racing. Give it your blood and guts. Use your training workouts to achieve a specific goal at a specific race. Workouts breed better performances.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week ending 7/26/09

I had planned on doing more running but the foot is still not 100%, so I decided to put more emphasis on water running and cycle as much a possible. Here is the rundown:

Monday 7/20/09 Day off

Tuesday 7/21/09 4:30 AM 1:02:12 water run at Stiles Pond with DD and MQ.
5:40 AM 30:22 run in Boxford - felt very strong.

Wednesday 7/22/09 4:30 AM 1:00:04 water run at Stiles Pond with DD and MQ.
6:30 AM cycled 9 miles in 30:22.

Thursday 7/23/09 4:30 AM 1:01:06 water run at Stiles Pond with DD.
6:30 AM cycled 11.5 miles in 45:00.

Friday 7/24/09 6:00 PM 30:22 run about 3.75 easy effort - foot feeling a little sore.
6:45 PM 30:22 cycle about 8.0 miles.

Saturday 7/25/09 8:00 AM 1:03:10 water run at Stiles Pond with DD and MQ.

Sunday 7/26/09 6:00 AM 2:25:34 water run (entire perimeter of Stiles Pond) with DD and MQ.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week ending 7/19/09

This week was interesting because I started to run a bit more, continued with more cycling, began to aqua jog, and received a cortisone shot in the left foot. Here are the specific details:

Monday 7/13/09
7.5 miles in 56:30 run

Tuesday 7/14/09
20 min easy bike (4 miles) before physical therapy
5.0 miles run in 38:36

Wednesday 7/15/09
20 min (4 miles) on bike
6.0 mile run in 50:00

Thursday 7/16/09
8.0 miles on bike in 36:00

Friday 7/17/09
physical therapy and cortisone shot in foot - doctors orders not to run over the weekend
45:00 aqua jog/water run with DD and MQ 9AM
45:50 spin on bike (13.5 miles) 7PM

Saturday 7/18/09
8.5 mile spin on bike in 30:22 - 7:30 AM
13.5 mile spin w/ 10 x 90 second hard/30 second recovery 45 min total - 5:30 PM

Sunday 7/19/09
2 hour aqua jog - 6:30 AM w/ DD and MQ

Foot feels better. Still need to ice and stretch regularly. Hope to continue this type of training next week.

Water Run at Stiles Pond

This past Friday, my brother Michael and I were introduced to Aqua jogging or as Double D calls it "water running". Double D was the individual who asked us to join him as all three of us are on the injured reserved and are trying to recover in time for some fall racing. DD lent us the equipment necessary to stay afloat and after a 45 minute inaugural run, I think we were hooked on its benefits. So much that we joined him Sunday morning at Stiles Pond in Boxford for a 2 hour run. Lots of laughs and lots of other swimmers and fishermen. I hope to join DD and MQ for some more water running next week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week Ending 7/12/09

     This week I ended up not attempting to run until Sunday.  This was the plan and I don't know if I have jumped into the training a bit premature because my foot is sore from an easy 8.5 mile jog on flat terrain. This effort, in addition to lawn duties both Friday and Saturday, has put a bit of stress on the heel.  I don't know what to do except keep trying to work out the stiffness with lots of icing sessions and stretching exercises.  The bottom line is I want to run so I have to expect some pain.  If it gets bad, then I will back off.

Monday 7/6/09
     Biked 12.99 on roads in 47:00
     Biked 43:00 on rollers  10 min warmup/11 x 30 seconds hard spin w/ 30 second recovery/12 min cool down

Tuesday 7/7/09
     70 min steady spin on rollers

Wed 7/8/09
     60 min spin on rollers 30 min warmup/10 x 1:00 very hard w/ 30 sec recovery/ 15 min cool down

Thur 7/9/09
     15 min easy at physical therapy 3 miles
     25 easy at home on rollers 5 miles

Friday No workout
Saturday No workout

Sun 7/12/09
     70 min on roads -RUN - basically a jog 8.5 miles
     51 minutes on rollers  12.5 miles

Week totals

Run 8.5 miles
Bike 82.5 miles


Monday, July 6, 2009

1988 Chouinard Memorial Beach Run

This was a race that my brother John and I competed in over 20 years ago.  I think it is still being held at the Salisbury State Reservation.  Everyone should try a beach run once in their life.  Old timers should recognize a few of the finishers.  

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week ending 7/5/09

Not much to report on the running/cycling for this week as my foot has not been feeling good and I am taking a bit of a break from serious training. I did run a bit and cycle as well but it wasn't enough to warrant a diary entry. I am disappointed that the foot is giving me trouble but I think I need to rest it while I continue to receive the physical therapy. Blogging about running isn't much fun when you can't run.
The family did enjoy the 4th with Red Sox on Friday night and the beach on Saturday.