Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week Ending 7/12/09

     This week I ended up not attempting to run until Sunday.  This was the plan and I don't know if I have jumped into the training a bit premature because my foot is sore from an easy 8.5 mile jog on flat terrain. This effort, in addition to lawn duties both Friday and Saturday, has put a bit of stress on the heel.  I don't know what to do except keep trying to work out the stiffness with lots of icing sessions and stretching exercises.  The bottom line is I want to run so I have to expect some pain.  If it gets bad, then I will back off.

Monday 7/6/09
     Biked 12.99 on roads in 47:00
     Biked 43:00 on rollers  10 min warmup/11 x 30 seconds hard spin w/ 30 second recovery/12 min cool down

Tuesday 7/7/09
     70 min steady spin on rollers

Wed 7/8/09
     60 min spin on rollers 30 min warmup/10 x 1:00 very hard w/ 30 sec recovery/ 15 min cool down

Thur 7/9/09
     15 min easy at physical therapy 3 miles
     25 easy at home on rollers 5 miles

Friday No workout
Saturday No workout

Sun 7/12/09
     70 min on roads -RUN - basically a jog 8.5 miles
     51 minutes on rollers  12.5 miles

Week totals

Run 8.5 miles
Bike 82.5 miles


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