Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week ending 9/6/09

A pretty solid week with one more race under my belt. I am satisfied with the progress with my overall fitness and the fact that both feet seem to be operating at near 100%. I am trying to run for at least an hour per day and not emphasizing any special pace. In fact, my body just doesn't have the giddy up to train very fast so I run how I feel. I plan on racing Saturday at the Ollie 5 mile.

M 31st AM 6.5 miles in 50 minutes
PM 5.25 miles in 40 minutes

T 1st 7.75 miles in 1:02:30

W 2nd 8.0 miles in 1:00:00

Th 3rd AM 3.3 miles in 27:00
PM 2.5 miles warmup w/ Mark Behan at Atkinson 5k
3.1 mile race in 17:11
1.0 mile warmdown

Fri 4th No workout

Sat 5th 10.0 miles in 75 minutes from Dan V's house to Winni Kinni trails w/ MQ, DV, JJ and KT

Sun 6th Solo 10.0 miles in turtle like 1:25:00

Total mileage for the week was 57.4 miles.


  1. Good stuff DQ. Good rebound..solid miles. Ollie!!!! 26:45 for you there (seeing it's like 5.3 miles)...

  2. WOW. I am currently listening to Spearhead and NO LIE, my word verification word was 'spear'. That is INSANE...

  3. that is insane almost as insane as your 26:45 prediction - anything under 29 minutes is more like it -25:30 for you

  4. ...'anything under 29 minutes is more like it'

    Well, with that attitude... ;)

    I want to run low 25. We'll see. That course is just plain...well..I'll stop right there...

  5. Is it the same course as last year or the course from 2 years ago?
    The course is a bit drab considering it is in Boston. Everyone has to run it though so it just doesn't matter. Nice 20 miles today - much better than last weeks long run?