Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week ending 6/13/10

Mon 6/7/10 75 minute run with Jim Q. (10 miles) hilly run through Derry /rail trail

Tues 6/8/10 AM 48 minutes easy (6.5 miles) PM 52 minutes on Bianchi 52/12-14 entire way and working on climbing/out of saddle very hard hard effort

Wed 6/9/10 74 minute run on river trail with Jim J. (10 miles)

Thur 6/10/10 63 minute spin on Bianchi

Fri 6/11/10 70 minute run solo in North Andover..ran old 4th of July 10k course in 40 minutes hitting sub 6 on many occasions and really working hills (10 miles)

Sat 6/12/10 Easy 4 miler after work

Sun 6/13/10 Noon. 80 minute run hitting my spots along the way dipping down to 5:27 pace but overall a relatively easy 10.5 miles.

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