Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time trial

During my run tonight, I decided to do a time trial over my old HS XC course in North Andover, MA. After a 20 minute warmup, I got to the start of the course and went out conservatively and hit the rolling mile in 6:20. During my HS days (77-80), I would generally hit this mile in an easy sub 5 and I believe I hit in 4:48 when I set the course record my senior year (12:45 for 2.65 miles all roads with one significant hill at the mile). After the mile tonight, I began to work the hill and made a serious effort on the downhills and hit two miles in 11:40. It should be noted that there is a lot of downhill at 1.25 miles. I was really just holding pace and not over doing it (on top of dodging the night traffic). I finished strong and was not winded at all. I hit the Mill Pond bridge in 14 minutes and finished the course in 15:19. I have to add a bit of time to that due to the new HS entrance which has erased the old XC course finish. I would say about 15 seconds. So my time would be about 15:34 (5:53 pace).

Finished up with a 20 minute cooldown..


  1. I thought that everyone born before 1970 called it a "warm-down" not a cooldown.

  2. Warmdown just doesn't make any sense. Do you blow on something hot to 'warm it off' or 'cool it off' when it is hot?

  3. I usually call it a warmdown for no scientific reason just because it was the terminology from years ago. I have begun to use cooldown but I know I am deviating from my normal terminology and it does seem strange to call it a cooldown. At any rate, I don't think it matters much. Just get your workouts in and continue to kick ass.