Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week ending 1/10/09

Another decent week but the total mileage is still lower than my expectations. The quality is good and I feel pretty good and I am pleased with the progress thus far. I hope the weather warms up a bit to make things a bit easier soon. I ran 6 days this week and ran a total of 48.1 miles with 7 total runs which took a total time of 5:59:00.

Monday 1/4/10 5 miles easy in 34:00

Tuesday 1/5/10 8 miles in 1:02 -Hot Dog hill short version

Wednesday 1/6/10 AM 43:00 5.5 miles PM 46:21 6 miles

Thursday 1/7/10 off

Friday 1/8/10 8.5 miles in 1:00:54

Saturday 1/9/10 7.65 total miles 20 warmup/2.65 in 15:34/20 min cooldown "dd"

Sunday 1/10/10 7.5 miles in PM after Pats loss in 55:39

More of the same next week with an effort to increase mileage and incorporate some snowshoeing. Possibly a 5k tempo effort at the Fudgicle on Saturday.


  1. What up?

    So is five miles in 34 really easy or is it something less than a tempo but a bit faster than easy?