Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thursday 4/7/11 thru Tuesday 4/12/11

A view of what I have been up to.

Thursday 4/7/11 off.
Friday 4/8/11 off.
Saturday 4/9/11 PM 35 minute jog. 35 minute spin.
Sunday 4/10/11 PM 43 minute run with JJ 5.5 miles.
Monday 4/11/11 AM 30 minute spin. 24 minute jog.
Tuesday 4/12/11 AM 30 minute spin. 38 minute run 5 miles. PT today.

The knee is not giving me any trouble as the stretching/icing/ibuprofen is helping but the hammy is still giving me trouble, although there is improvement which has allowed me to begin running. I just cannot shut it down. I have faith that the correct PT attention and the cross-training approach will get me back. During today's run I actually felt like I was making progress.

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