Saturday, June 6, 2009

A little bit of Sean Kelly and Eamonn Coughlan

7:30 AM 4 miles on roads in 33:29 not fast just got some miles on the legs

5:30 PM 50:30 spin on Bianchi followed by 20 barefoot run on grass (2.10 miles)

Friday turned out to be a no workout day but I did get to the doctor's office and was diagnosed with a sinus infection so I was prescribed a 5 day dose of zpac to rid my body of the crap that has wiped me out for the past week. I also picked the xray report on my left foot which indicates Achilles Calcaneal Spur. The doctor has recommended PT with Mass General in Boston. I told him I was still running and planning on running up Mt. Washington in 2 weeks and he just handed me the phone # and said to call them. I will contact them next week, but still plan on "training" through to the race on the 20th.

Saturday I got up and ran an easy 4 before work. After work I arrived home to an empty house as my wife had taken the kids to Cobbet's Pond, so it opened up a window to get on the bike and do a fairly hard spin for 50:30. About midway through I did my best Sean Kelly impersonation and did 2 x 30/60/90 with an equal rest in between 30 seconds for 30 and so on. This got the heartrate up to about 160 and my legs were getting heavy keeping it in the little ring the entire spin and maintaining my rpm well above 110. Good stuff.

After a quick ZICO mango coconut water I ran barefoot for 20 minutes in the backyard covering 2.1 miles. This is my way of putting on more miles but not pounding the pavement. It also gives me a chance to dream of racing indoors like the old Chairman of the Boards, Irish Eamonn Coughlan as the turns around the swingset are pretty tight.

More to come. Later.

PS Best of luck to all competing at the Rhody 5k. I wish I were.


  1. If you can do it you should do PT at Pinnacle in Plaistow. Bob Worden is the man in charge and they are very good at getting you back out there quickly.

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  3. I know I should consider that just due to the logistics.etc of Boston. Plus I know how well they have treated you over the years. How did Rhody go?