Thursday, June 4, 2009

Midnight OIl

8:00 AM  40 minutes spin on Bianchi listening to Beds are Burning among many other 80's hits on my Ipod.  20 minutes barefoot running in back yard (2 miles).  Good morning workout.  I read somewhere that morning workouts regulate your metabolism and improve all areas of health and fitness.  More to come.  Later.

4:00 PM 7.6 miles on roads in 62:42.   Not too fast but course is a bit hilly as it covers portions of Derry NH 16 miler.

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  1. If I was awake at any time during the morning (during the week) I would probably do some working out... ahh well.

    Good to see you finally on here. It's about are probably on blogger more than anyone else I've ever known who didn't have a blog of his own ;)....