Sunday, June 7, 2009

Street Legal

Sunday 10:30 AM 7.6 miles roads in 54:52 followed by 19:00 barefoot grass run (1.4 miles) 9.0 total miles

This morning, I had no foot complications whatsoever which allowed me to hit the roads for a pretty steady run up Gulf Rd in Derry out to the Rail Trail off Island Pond Rd. Turned around after 3.8 miles in 28:14 and came home in 26:38. I wore some old NB900's which offer a great deal of support and allowed me to push off my left foot in a normal position. I think the grass running is doing wonders for the bone spur. After the road effort, just jogged in the backyard to make it an even 9.0 miles.

TOTAL FOR WEEK (3 days off)

Run 33.2 miles
Bike 29.5 miles


  1. Hey Dave, Take care of that foot. I want to see you out there beating JJ up.

  2. Hey Scotty,

    Thanks for reading the blog. JJ will be tough to catch but I am gonna give it hell!