Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week ending 6/14/09

Another week of cross-training (cycling and running) with no racing. I would have liked to have raced in Northfield for the New England Trail Championship or the Market Squares 10k or any other 5k/5mile race on Sunday but family obligations and more graduation/birthday festivities at the homestead curtailed any serious chances, so I have to head to Mt. Washington on Saturday the 20th with one less race but my training is improving even though the bone spur has me still going through PT and limiting my training to a day to day approach.

Monday 6/8/09
7:00 AM 21 minute spin (6 miles)
10:15 AM 9.33 miles in 1:12:30 (7:47 pace) on hilly terrain of Tower Hill plus several loops in cemetary

Tuesday 6/9/09 Day off No workout

Wednesday 6/10/09
7:30 AM 6.2 miles in 44:26 (7:10 pace) with 6 x 20 second strides with 40 second recovery last 1.25 miles
10:15 AM Physical therapy session at Pinnacle PT in Plaistow, NH
9:00 PM 2 miles easy run (17:00)

Thursday 6/11/09
8:00 AM 30 minute spin on Bianchi (8.5 miles)
12:00 PM 7.6 miles in 57:45 (7:36 pace) Tower Hill

Friday 6/12/09
5:00 PM 7.6 miles in 1:08:07 very slow run out and back to Derry rail trail. Felt like absolute garbage.

Saturday 6/13/09
8:00 AM 30:22 spin (10 miles)
No other workout as we hosted our daughter Elizabeth's high school graduation/18th birthday party. Great time!

Sunday 6/14/09
11:30 AM 1:00:17 (19.6 miles) spin on Bianchi in my garage. It was an excellent spin as I sweat a few beers out from the previous evening.
12:32 PM 2.4 miles barefoot on wet grass in my backyard (24:15) not fast, but I really enjoy the benefits of the soft surface.
6:00 PM  5.2 miles in 41:34 easy

Totals for week:
40.3 miles run
29.5 miles on bike

Notes: The foot as of Sunday is still quite bothersome but I am paying a lot of attention to it (i.e. PT (next week 2 sessions), stretching, icing, ibuprofren, soft surface whenever possible, and the likely day off). I would say I am running at about 75% which means I can't run everyday pain-free. The workouts are generally quite good and the spinning on the bike is always well above 110 rpm (revolutions per minute) and is always done in the small ring. It should be noted that I do not ever get out of the saddle because I don't want to add any pressure on my foot. After every ride, my foot is almost at 80% and the following run usually is less pain free. In other words, I feel the cross-training is a personal benefit and offers excellant positive psychological reinforcement.


  1. I strongly suggest you go and do hill repeats this week (every day) to prepare for Mt Washington. The more the better. :-) We should have some fun up there. See you Saturday.

  2. If I was guaranteed that the hill repeats would improve my finishing time, then I would do them everyday. But, as they say the money is in the bank. Time to make a withdrawal Saturday morning. Good luck.

  3. DQ - I figured I should check if you had a blog (you did not the last time I checked). Your performance at MW is even more spectacular in my mind with the physical crap you were dealing with. Nice race.