Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bay State Marathon (USATF-NE Championships) DNF

I debated overnight whether or not to post about this race. The fact of the matter is that I gave it everything I had. It was not enough. No one wants to enter a race and not finish. I don't have many in my career. I can think of one in college (an outdoor 5k) when I had a foot injury and once I knew I was off pace for NCAA qualifying I stepped off the track. That would be my last race as a collegiate runner. Not a good way to end a racing career.
My goal for the marathon was to run with DD and see if I could break 3 hours. Both of us entered the race with about the same amount of miles on our legs since our time off due to injuries. I would say that I even had a few more longer runs than he since I had a 2 hour run w/ JJ and one day of 18 (12 in AM/ 6 in PM). His longest run was 60 minutes. Not a good formula for marathon racing. At any rate, I was entered so therefore I will compete.
I could tell from the start that I was low in the tank and it was going to be a long day if things didn't improve as we went along. But we (along with Jeremy Huckins - CMS aka "Huck") started clicking off mile after mile on pace and at times I was feeling pretty good. At about 8 miles (just as we crossed the Tyngsborough Bridge) I had to stop to take a leak. This never occurs in any other race. It has now happened twice at Baystate (2008). It isn't unusual for any runner to have to go it just seems strange that during a race it comes out of nowhere. Well, after stopping I started running with Mike Toomey (UMass Lowell AllAmerica) and tried to run relaxed and concentrate on getting back to DD. My legs were not feeling good as early cramping was taking place. At every water stop I would take both water and Gatorade which seemed to help. Some point between 9-10 "Huck" popped out of the woods after a pee break and we were again together. He asked if I was planning on gapping DD now or later. I told him to go if he wanted to and that I wanted to get back little by little (if possible).
At about 12 miles Toomey got ahead and joined the DD pack. I could see the pack and actually was feeling better as we went over the Rourke bridge and approached halfway. Coming off the bridge, Dave Kazanzian (Whirlaway founder) offered me water and a gel which was helpful and I hit half in 1:29:40. I was back on pace and looking straight ahead to the DD pack. It took me to mile 15 to get back but I think I should of held back more and conserve some energy because the effort took its toll on my legs. They were cramping and every stride on my right leg cause severe pain up through the hip and around to the back. It was very uncomfortable and I was beginning to think it might be wise to cash in for the day. At mile 16 water stop I took water and Gatorade again but was beginning to lose contact with the group. I hung in until mile 17 and things were getting pretty ugly so I stopped for good about 17.34 miles in (1:58:30).

Thankfully, Frank Corsaro (husband of Nancy - Whirlaway) was out supporting his wife and he gave me a ride in to the finish. I would of been in trouble if not for his help. I was getting cold and shivering pretty badly.

In closing, I would like to congratulate all of the CMS runners on their outstanding performances. Justin Fyffe, Andy McCarron, Scott Leslie, JJ, Kevin T, Dan V, DD just to a name a few. Way to go on earning the New England Championship.


  1. DQ - sorry to hear it was a tough day but you obviously made the right call. A marathon is a beast ... while I think we can run over an injury or through one in a 5k or 10k - it ain't a good idea - particularly in a marathon. Get well and back at it soon.

    You going to do some snow shoe craziness?

  2. Sometimes the more interesting posts are when things don't go well (or the way you plan). I always find it a much better insight to a person. I swear you learn more about someone reading their blog when they are under adverse conditions (like an injury or a bad race) than anything you get when all is great.

    There will be many more opportunties for us to race again and I look forward to getting my ass kicked by you (and kicking yours as well).

  3. DD, I will answer that with my best used car salesman twang and say, "you got yourself a deal!"

    GZ, thanks for your insight. I hope to do a couple or three. I can say I won't do as many as JJ or DD, but I am going to try to do as many as possible. Is Colorado over "balloon boy"? Local talk radio is still covering it.

  4. Unbelievable re: balloon boy but I think I have a costume for Halloween with my wife. I will go as a big silver balloon and she is going to go as a kid in a box.

  5. That sounds like it may be very popular:)

  6. I have that beer. I actually brought it to the awards but nobody showed. I will have to catch up with you later! Tough day!

  7. I agree with DD ... and thanks for your kind congrats at my blog

    Look forward to meeting you sometime soon. Take care