Monday, October 12, 2009

Week ending 10/11/09

After racing on Sunday (8k XC) I felt surprisingly geared up to increase my mileage for some last minute cramming for Baystate. I have to admit I am unprepared but, given the circumstances, I feel my fitness is pretty good. I was able to get in another race on Sunday (Bobby Bell 5m) and reach my highest weekly (64.5m) and daily(18m) total in quite some time. These are my weekly totals for the past 12 weeks: 49/33/45/48.5/56.4/50.2/53.6/46.5/52.5/64.5

Here is the week in review:

M 5th 10 miles on roads in 1:12:24

T 6th 10.5 miles on roads in 1:17:40

W 7th 4.75 in 41:21 3.75 in 28:34

TH 8th No run

Fr 9th 12 miles with JJ in 1:30:26 Windham rail trail
6 miles in 45:00 w/ DD, JJ, TiVO, and DV Winni Kinni

Sat 10th 60:00 easy run on river trails w/ TiVO

Sun 11th 22:00 (2.5) warmup w/MQ
5 mile race in 28:16
2.o easy warmdown w/ MQ and TiVO

This week will be low mileage and lots of rest (hopefully).
Baystate next Sunday.


  1. DQ - no speedwork? Is that because of the prep for the marathon?

  2. GZ - no speedwork because I chose to race 6 out of the last 8 weeks and used the "race myself into shape" adage. I am starting to feel the effects of too many races because the last two have been very flat. I would have liked to incorporate sppedwork/tempo/fartleck into the equation but this indeed a cram session. I really would like about two more weeks and get in some longer runs but the race is on Sunday. No looking back. hope all is well in CO and the Rockies can advance further into the playoffs than the Red Sox:(

  3. DQ, you really shouldn't use races as workouts :-P

  4. Kevin,
    Good one. My feeling is I don't like it when a prepared runner announces he is going to a race as a workout. I can agree that some races are more "workout oriented" which means may you go to a low key 5k/5mile (or pick your distance) and use it as a workout. But if a runner is entering a "grand prix" or not your average low key race (i.e. Yankee Homecoming 10 miler) and ends up placing 2nd after he says it was going to be a workout, then I don't understand why the need to announce as such to the general public.
    My personal situation is that I simply can't commit to a proper program with my recent injuries to hit the track for speedwork. Every race I entered was an experiment in progress and every race I gave everything I had. Simple as that. In the future, if things going forward as they are right now, I am going to start to do some speedwork so I can lower all my PR's next year.