Saturday, December 5, 2009

Track workout

I got up early and grabbed a medium coffee at DD then went over to North Andover Middle School and did a track workout similar to the Keenyans over in Swanzey. After a 30 minute warmup (nice and easy) I jumped on the track and did a mile worth of strides (backstretch and homestretch) then started the workout. I ran 1 x 800 in 2:28 (73/75) took a 800 rest/jog then did 4 x 400 (78/77/76/75 with 400 recovery between each) and after another 400 rest did 4 x 200 in 36/35/34/34 with a 200 jog/rest in between. Warmed down with 30 more minutes of easy running on grass.

I am very satisfied with the effort and feel I had at least 6 more seconds in me for the 800 time trial. It would of been cool to do the workout with someone. The conditions were decent but cold.


  1. Great times. Those 200's must have felt good. Too bad you had to fly solo. So much more fun with company and easier to get started. I am not sure what we're going to get into on Wednesday but I will let you know. It depends on the weather. We are getting dumped on right now. We may have to hook up with the Keene State road track on Baker Street.

  2. Man you still have the leg speed. I don't feel so bad about you kicking by me last week :-)