Monday, April 19, 2010

Things I Like About the Boston Marathon

Random thoughts about the 114th Boston Marathon...

Things I like about the Boston Marathon

The tradition. 114 years speaks for itself.
The competition. Course record by Robert Cheruiyot (2:05:52) breaking the other Robert Cheruiyiot's record. Unbelievable women's race as well as it takes 2:26:11 to win it.
Heartbreak Hill. The 3 hills which make up this infamous stretch which puts a hurt on any runner.
Qualifying standard/Charity Exemption. Everyone has earned their way in to this race.
Locals running well. Jim Johnson (Salem NH 2:30:00) 55 year old Reno Stirrat (Dorchester 2:42:27) Steve Wolfe, John Gorman, Scotty Graham, Tom Licciardello and Nancy Corsaro extending amazing streaks.
The crowd of fans. Cheering and supporting all runners. Getting to enjoy it with my wife, Monica.

Things I Don't Like About the Boston Marathon
Runners who dress up in costumes. I saw Minnie Mouse and Super Mario and don't get it.
Entry fee. $250 is a bit steep.
Not having the guts to run it. Maybe next year.


  1. Thanks for being there today man...good to see you trying to light a fire under my arse.

    Entry fee was 130 beans this year. Not bad considering you get a bunch of swag, a 40 dollar shirt, tons of food/drink, a nice medal, and I got a 45 minute long massage by 2 people after the race... You definitely get your money's worth.

  2. I stand corrected on the entry fee. I was going on old information. Kind of takes the edge out of my essay! But I still don't get the costumes. I even saw a 60 year old man wearing a pink tutu. Ridiculous.
    Again, nice race JJ.

  3. Last year I got passed by a guy wearing a pink Tutu, on my traditional Boston last 5 mile death march. I still haven't recovered from the shame!