Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday 11/07/10 (Larry Robinson 10 miler)

AM 1.5 mile warmup which was basically a very light jog to registration and a little out and back staying warm before start of race / 10 mile race 6th place overall in 58:42 (2nd mastr to Dan Verrrington (57:33) / scrambled eggs warmdown with Monica at Shawsheen Luncheonette. 11.5 miles 67 miles for week

Splits 1 mile 5:37 I had the lead as I felt I should show Eric Blake the way to mile 2 (6:10 uphill) as I settled into 4th place to mile 3 (5:48) which is flat but mile 4 has some nice downhill and I hit 4 miles in 23:15 (5:39). The 5th mile brings you back to repeat 2-5 and also is a point in the race where you see the 5k race runners who have a mile to go. Dan came up to me and we ran together for about 1 minute and we hit 5 miles together in 28:44 (5:28). Mile 6 (uphill was 6:07) and I was in 6th place and just tried to match Dan but he was pulling away. Mile 7 was 5:59 (there is a hill there somewhere) and mile 8 was 5:53 and I was now in no man's land but wanted to run low 58 or mid 58. I was at 46:45 for 8 and added 12 minutes because of the final uphill mile and knew I was mid 58 at best which is close to a PR for over 40 for me. Mile 9 I tried to pick up some time because of the downhills and flats but I could only manage a 5:35 as my time at 9 was 52:20. The final mile had a tough headwind and the uphill and I ran 6:22 for a finishing time of 58:42.

Overall I am pleased. 10 mile races have always been a good distance for me but I think I need more work and better race strategy to go lower.


  1. Good race. I didn't know you were that good of shape. That last mile at Robinson is a killer.

  2. Thanks, GZ. I am glad I chose the 10 miler.
    Thanks, KG. 9 weeks of running.
    The last mile is very tough. You do however benefit on the downhill during mile 1.
    Too bad the race conflicted with XC-NE's and you could of defended your title.