Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review and 2011 running goals

Basically, I am pleased with the results from 2010 as I managed a few good efforts even though I was banged up a bit which forced me to stop running for 2 straight months (July/August). I didn't PR at any distance except the Bedford 12k in 41:27 (1st time race at this distance) but my New Bedford 1/2 marathon and Mount Washington races produced near PR times in difficult conditions. After cycling to overcome the summer leg issues, I feel like my current fitness is comparable to early Spring 2010. Since September, I have built up my mileage and every run has been a great experience. I have built up my mileage to handle 60+ weeks. I was able to race near PR's at 5k (16:48), 8k XC (Mayor's Cup) in 28:10, 10k XC (Club Nationals in 35:38) and 10 miles (58:42).

2011 Goals:

Remain injury-free
Run consistently and increase mileage (daily/weekly/monthly and annual)
PR at every classic distance (1 mile/5k/8k/5 mile/10k/15k/10 mile/1/2 marathon/20k/30k/marathon)
Score consistently for CMS masters team in all competitions (Grand Prix/US Championships)
PR at Mount Washington
Medal at Cranmore
Return to Club XC Nationals and finish in top 15 overall

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