Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 (Wed 12/1/10)

November was a productive month with 242 total miles and no days off. Since the 2 months of no running (July/August) Sept, Oct and November have been extremely positive months and I am feeling more motivated and stronger. There is no pain anywhere. This makes training a lot more fun. I hope for it to continue.
I raced three times in November and was pleased with every result: 10 miles (roads) in 58:45/ 5k XC 17:47/ 6k XC 19:33. Next race is 12/11/10 US Club Nationals XC in Charlotte, NC (10k).

Wed AM 30 minutes (4 miles) / 50 minutes (7 miles) 11.0 miles


  1. Great month, Dave. I'm glad to see your training so consistently and pain free. Good luck at Nationals.

  2. Thanks, Greg. Nationals should be a blast. We have a deep
    team and it will be an "epic" adventure!