Friday, December 10, 2010

National XC (Friday 12/10/10)

With tomorrow's Club National XC Championship 10k (Charlotte NC), it sort of takes me back to my only two National Championships XC races while attending ULowell.

1983 (picture above) Racine WI
NCAA Division II 10k
placed 25th overall Team place 3rd
All-America along with Dave Dunham (23rd). At the time, there were only 2 other Lowell runners to earn All-America in XC Bob Hodge (DI 1976) and Vin Fleming (Div 3 Champion 1975).

1984 Meridian MI
NCAA Division II 10k
26th overall (DD placed 12th) Team 8th. I missed All-America by 1/2 of a second getting edged out by Brian Nierstadt of Southern Conneticutt. In those days, it was top 25 to earn AA. There were 2 foreigners in the top 25. With today's standards (excluding foreigners/top 40), I would have earned another All-America status. Oh, well.

30 minute run (4 miles)
21 minutes (3 miles)
7 miles

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