Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mixing it Up

Sun 5/1/11 20 min on bike/ 20 min stretching / 4.6 miles in 36:19

Mon 5/2/11 35 minutes on bike

Tuesday 5/3/11 45 minutes on bike / 4.6 miles in 36:16

Wed 5/4/11 AM 4.6 miles in 36:10

PM 75 minute run w/ Jim Johnson. His time will be different because I did not stop my watch during various breaks. Solid 10 miles as we made our way into the Windham trails which is close to my house. We ran up the highest point in Salem and got lost twice ending up on Rte 28 and had to come in the old Rte 111. Very long run (s) for me as this is a bit early to be doubling and covering this type of mileage. But it was fun.
14.6 miles

Thurs 5/5/11 45 minutes on bike

Fri 5/6/11 25 minutes on bike / 4.6 miles in 36:06

Sat 5/7/11 42:21 out to top of Gordon's Hill via route 111 following the trail that is frequented by snowmobiles/atv's. 5 miles. Felt flat and tired and sore but better as the run progressed. Racing the 6k tomorrow is at probable status.

Sun 5/8/11 3 mile warmup/ limited strides and some stretching/ 6k in 22:09 (537/1132 (555)/ 603/433 terrible speed and limited strength but glad to get this one in the books. 3 mile warmdown 9.6 miles

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