Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 10/13/10

AM 30 minutes after 1st bus stop/ 33 minutes after 2nd bus stop -- 8 miles.

Sunday's 5k was about what I expected given my current condition and lack of speed workouts and also following the 3 hour duathlon last weekend. I did battle with DD for most of the race as we hit the mile in 5:21 and the 2 mile in 11:02 (5:41). The winding roads and strong headwind might of played a factor but certainly not much as the leaders were in the low 15's (Bob Wiles CMS winner). I did all I could to both hold off DD and try to gain on DV as he whipped the masters field in 16:45. My 17:05 (6:03 final 1.1 -5:30/ 32 seconds) was good for 2nd master overall as I picked up $75 for 2nd in an age-graded 15:20. Can someone explain what that means?

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