Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carver 5 mile (USATF- NE Championships)

med ctr 6k = 5:57 pace 5/8/11
rhody 5k = 5:39 pace 6/5/11
10k track race = 5:50 pace 6/12/11
carver 5 mile = 5:42 pace 7/3/11

I am going to make this post short and sweet. The 5 miler in Carver was my first race since the HASLAW downhill mile on 7/3/11 and only my 2nd since Mount Washington but my training has been very good and I am healthy. Without a doubt the heat got to me as did the fact that I probably went out over my head for the first mile (5:20). I would use the same approach, however if the race was run again today. That is just how I race. It has to be aggressive or I don't want to be there. My final time of 28:32 was a bit off my goal of 27:30 but I think everything is heading in the right direction for me to honestly say that I have that time (or better) in me.

The above list of races shows a progression of my results since returning to racing 5/8/11. That is what I am taking out of all this and I look forward to racing again soon.

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