Monday, August 22, 2011

Derby Street Mile

Friday night I left Salem NH at 5pm and arrived in Salem MA at 6pm which gave me about an hour to get ready to race in the Derby Street mile. Upon arrival I was greeted by Dave Dunham who was also racing. We headed out for a preview of the course and a 3 mile warmup. I was feeling good and was looking forward to this but did begin to experience those pre-race jitters as there is no room for error in a mile race. I decided to not wear a watch and went sockless in my race shoes. After a bit of a delay we were off. I told myself not to go out too fast but couldn't help but feel slow as the leaders hit the 1/4 mile in about 62 seconds. Using DD's 1/4 mile times I hit the 1/4 in about 71 seconds then slowed to a 75 to hit the 1/2 mile in about 2:26. I was gaining on Johnny Ayers who I knew was a master so I keyed on him to the 3/4 mark which I hit in about 3:41 (75 seconds for the split). Ayers was coming back to me and I really put in a charge to the line and finished in 4:53 which meant I ran the final 1/4 mile in 72 seconds. As it turned out I was 2nd master to Jason Barnes who ran 4:48! I was 10th overall. The winner ran 4:26 which is a new record. 3 miles warmdown with DD who ran 4:58 and established a master's PR for his efforts. ( He also saved a skunk from near death.) This race gives me firm belief that I will be racing indoors come wintertime.

Video of the race finish. Notice my lean to the line and my Roger Bannister style finish.!/video/video.php?v=2141379387014&oid=293677846387&comments

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