Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Saunders at Rye 10k

Monica, myself and our two youngest boys (Giovanni and Julian) headed up to Rye, NH where I raced the 33rd edition of the Saunders at Rye 10k. In all my years of racing I never raced this event but decided today at 11:50 AM to make a call to the race director and they allowed me to enter via phone. This would be my first race since late June (Cranmore Hill Climb) so I was a bit anxious. On top of not racing since Cranmore and only putting in weeks of cross-training, with limited road mileage, (I actually ran 5.5 miles in the morning so I wasn't exactly fresh), I did not know what to expect. The 2.5 mile warmup with Double J, New Balance -Boston's Kevin Alliete (2008 Saunders winner), Patrick Ard, Seth Williams and Chris Mahoney (all Whirlaway) seemed easy but, right after finishing I was beginning to wonder if racing tonight was a good decision. It was hot and I felt tired but I had entered so there was no looking back.
Double J was well informed on the race course having raced it last year and covering the course twice Wednesday night in training mode, so he filled me in on the course which was basically flat to downhill first mile with short rolling hills up to mile 3 which featured a large downhill that lead to an uphill to the 5k mark and after that it was flat to downhill with a beautiful view of the Atlantic for the final 1.5 miles. My goal for the race was 36:00 and knew that I had to hit 5:50 pace so I really paid attention to the Garmin once the gun went off. I felt good and really enjoyed being in a race environment after such a long layoff. The foot was responding well in the Loco Banditos as I tried to relax
early on and not get ahead of myself. I hit the first mile in 5:46 and was probably in about 28th place. I felt good and started to feel better as we went up a small incline that led to the 2nd mile which I hit in about 11:35. My mission was to pick off as many runners ahead of me as possible and not kill myself in the process. I hit 3 miles in about 17:50 and the 5k in about 18:36. I was passing people and feeling more confident as the race went on. I did start to feel a bit of fatigue around 4 miles (23:30) and fought through until 5 miles (29:30) when we hit 1A (beach route) and I just tried to maintain form and hold my position all the way in. One runner passed me at 6 miles and I tried to go with him but I had nothing left. Finished in 15th place in 36:55 (2nd master).

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  1. DQ - nice, particularly in light of the cross training you have been doing.

  2. Nice to see you back on the roads, hope to join you soon.