Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week ending 8/2/09

I started out this week with the intention of increasing my actual "running miles" along with the continuation of water "running" and mixing in a bit of cycling to satisfy my hunger for exercise. My mid week rant was not meant to splinter any relationships with anyone so anyone who became upset shouldn't take it to heart. Just don't ever tell me a race is equal to a workout. Believe me when I say it, I am dying to jump into a race and give all I got but, for now here is my past week of workouts:

M 7/27/09 5:05 PM 6.44 miles at Lawrence reservoir on grass 0:52:00

T 7/28/09 4:30 AM Water run with DD & MQ at Stiles Pond 1:01:01

W 7/29/09 6:30 AM 3.5 miles on Salem/Derry roads 0:30:22
12:00 PM 3.75 miles grass run- Lawrence 0:30:2 2 7:00 PM 13.0 mile spin on Bianchi 0:42:00

Th 7/30/09 4:30 AM Water run with DD at Stiles Pond 1:00:10
5:45 PM 4.0 miles on grass - Lawrence 0:32:00

F 7/31/09 Day off

Sa 8/1/09 7:30 AM Water run w/ MQ and DD at Stiles 1:32:47
7:00 PM spin for 12min/run 1.66 miles in 13:30/
spin for 16 min 0:41:30

Su 8/2/09 6:30 AM Water run w/ MQ and DD - Stiles
out and back 2:06:00
3:45 PM Spin on Bianchi - 17.5 miles 0:56:20

More of the same next week. Hopefully.


  1. Hi Scott. I've got a few brewing but don't want to overdue it. I'm trying to focus on the positive and get healthy asap so I can actually race. I hope all is well with your running and photo taking!