Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week ending 8/9/09

This week I worked out everyday even doubling on five days. The total time I worked out was 12:41:34 which must be a personal record for an entire week even when I was training during any racing season. I also water ran a total of 7 hours which included the 3 hour run on Sunday. Both of these represent personal records for this new discipline. No cycling this week but I might substitute cycling for water running this coming week. All things considered , I feel pleased with the workouts and very encouraged that I can begin to handle some running on both roads and trails.

8/3/09 AM 1 hour water swim Stiles pond w/ DD

8/4/09 AM 6 miles in 45:00 roads

PM 1:01:39 water run w/ MQ

8/5/09 AM 6 miles in 45:00 roads
PM 6 miles in 48:00 River trails

8/6/09 AM 7 miles in 57:30 roads/grass

PM 4 miles in 34:30 River trails

8/7/09 PM 1:02:52 water run w/ MQ Stiles pond

8/8/09 AM 1:01:41 water run Stiles pond w/ MQ & DD

PM 7.4 miles in 58:12 roads

8/9/09 AM 3:01:44 water run Stiles pond w/ MQ & DD

PM 5.6 miles in 45:23 roads

42.0 miles running
7 hours water running

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