Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hangover 10k (30th Annual)

Anyone who wants to drink warm Bud and jump into the ocean after either a short 5k (or long if you were misdirected) or a 10k with a beach break in the middle then pre-enter the 31st edition of the Salisbury, MA Hangover Classic. Or maybe the course will be different next year as the course seems to change annually. One constant is your bound to wait around for a couple of hours and be told the cash for top 3 masters in the 10k is not being offered, contrary to the website. No food but lots of beer. Just a little venting.

Seriously, as the race goes off, no one knows who is racing which distance as the 5k/10k start together. I just went out as hard as I could and hit the mile in 4:52 (short) I found myself in 8th place as the 5k runners took a left. Mark Gibson (Whirlaway master) was on my tail and I tried to shake him with a couple of surges but he hung in and passed me at about 2 miles (10:32- 5:40). I was feeling pretty good but struggling to hang with him. I hit mile 3 in 16:20 (5:48) and we headed to about 500 yards of difficult (for me) beach running. Jason Porter (Whirlaway master) passed me on the beach and I would chase him all the way to the finish as only 4 seconds separated us. I felt strong at times but couldn't muster anything more as I ran 35;57. I honestly think that I could of run low 35 if not for the beach. I was a bit disappointed in the course design but shook it off and jumped in the ocean to keep with tradition.


  1. What's wrong with warm Bud?? Seriously, that race has great competition which makes it legit, as strange as they are at the Circle.

  2. I know MQ. The top runners make it legit and the times reflect that. I am just a little upset that the course design impacted my run. I really was rolling the first 3 miles and got it back after I left the surf. You ran a great race as did Hockins and Vasallo and the others, Plus, they held back on the masters $ which really pisses me off.

  3. true. It was a perfect day to race too, especially in January.