Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday 3/27/11

AM At 9 am I decided to go to Manchester NH to run the 2 mile race. Left leg was sore on the way up but I had pre-registered and wanted to at least get my mug and hat and try a warmup and see if it would be possible to race. I bumped into Art Demers and his son, Phil and we warmed up on the out and back course. Art and I reminisced about our college days and he was happy I was there to verify all the stories he has been telling his young boy about his early running success. Art and I both qualified for the NCAA Div II 10k together at the BC Relays back in April, 1983. Those were the days.

Well, after chatting and quickly dressing up for the race, I made it over to the start and put myself right on the front line. Heck, I paid my $ and I felt okay about being next to the big guns. Race director, John Mortimer gave the command and we were off. I can tell I am not ready for all out efforts due to the leg but somehow I managed to comfortably hit the 1/2 mile mark (short??) in 2:30 (self-timed) and was in the top 20. I felt pretty good and enjoyed viewing the leaders as they made the turn at 1 mile and headed back down Elm St. I hit the mile in 5:32 and was starting to gain on some runners. With a strong headwind going out we had the wind at our backs (true Irish). I was feeling it a bit at 1.5 miles (8:35) but figured I could dip under 11 minutes if I could hold on. I finished in 10:57 and won the masters division.

I am pretty happy with this effort and have to say if I can figure out this leg issue things will get better.

Warmed down with old friend and NA native Dr. Dan Sullivan.

7 total miles.


  1. Nice.

    A 2 mile race sounds ... well nice. Glad the hammie held up and you got out for it. Well done.

  2. Thanks, GZ. Shorter races are more for me as running the miles to race longer is challenging. Its funny but my leg feels pretty good when I run at a quicker pace. Go figure.

  3. Would've liked to have seen if you could've pulled me along to a sub-11, as well. But, my ill-timed "superman" impression got in the way.

    Keep it rolling.

  4. Michael, considering your nose-dive at the 1/4 mile mark, you ran an excellent time. I think a sub 11 would of been possible. It was great seeing you out there!